Eating vegan cheap and tasty in Ho Chi Minh

As I’m killing time waiting for a phone call about a life changing event I thought I’d muse about how cheaply you can eat in Saigon but most importantly eating tasty food and probably a balanced diet too. Actually the event is not life changing it’s just a possible new job around 1000km away but hopefully it will work out well. I sometimes read of this … Continue reading Eating vegan cheap and tasty in Ho Chi Minh


Whenever I’ve asked anyone what Singapore is like the only answers I’ve ever received are ‘clean’ and ‘modern’ making it sound a bit dull so I wasn’t in a hurry to visit and missed it out on my last travels. I’d also read it was expensive which was another thing putting me off but this time as I was in Indonesia I thought I’d pop … Continue reading Singapore


Bali’s not the worst place I’ve visited but certainly not the best either. The marketing team must take tips from Apple to have it billed as Paradise Island. The most notable thing about Bali is the money grubbers (even lower than money grabbers), everyone wants your money with terrible customer service and wanting to rip you off. Signs everywhere proudly proclaim “no uber, no grab, … Continue reading Bali

A family funday to Wave Rock!!

My sister kept insisting that not only was attendance mandatory having fun was also obligatory. Despite the fact that no one else wanted to go, we were informed of the date of the trip, that’s democracy in the Stoddart household, what the matriarch says goes. Without question or exception. It wasn’t the fact we didn’t want to go as such it was the distance. Four … Continue reading A family funday to Wave Rock!!